Moosen Bluetooth Speaker F013

【Multifunctional LED Display】This portable wireless Bluetooth 5.0 speaker LED display allows you to view power and time in Bluetooth mode. In FM mode, you can view the radio channels you are currently listening to. You can also view the volume when you adjust the volume.
【Beat Drive Light Show】Through the music rhythm played by the Bluetooth speaker, LED lights follow the beat flash and change seven colors, from portable speakers get a fully immersive audiovisual experience.
【IPX7 Fully Waterproof】No matter indoor or outdoor, in shower or at the pool, you can take it with you. This Shower Radio Bluetooth Speaker is IPX7 waterproof, this means it can be completely immersed in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes, but immersion into water for a long time is not suggested. Besides, the removable suction cup design allows the shower speaker to stick to dry and smooth walls, glass mirrors and even float on the water.
【TWS 3D Stereo Sound】With a rich bass, clear high-pitched sound, and a powerful combination of midrange and bass, TWS allows you to easily connect two wireless speakers to create 3D surround sound for true stereo sound. An immersive experience creates a dynamic musical atmosphere.
【Ultra Portable Speaker/Radio】The portable wireless speaker designed with silicone case is unbreakable and shockproof. Built-in FM radio, search and save your favorite stations from different stations for easy listening; Signal antenna enhances radio reception; Portable lanyards allow you to hang your speakers on bicycles, backpacks and any place you like; When you ride a bicycle, you can use a fixed bracket to connect to the Bluetooth speaker.

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